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About Us

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Studio Cosmica is a small, female-owned business based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We want to deliver quality products, that are not made in China. We work with other small businesses around the world who meet our quality and ethical standards. We pay fair prices to our suppliers in the US and Europe. We do not hold a lot of stock - this means your items are unique and not mass produced.

Because we order the items (jewelry or candles) when you make the purchase, shipping may take longer than it would with a regular shop. This is because we have to create the item especially for you. Good things take time.

Some of our jewelry and candles are made in the US - if you are residing outside of the US, you might be subject to additional tax, which unfortunately we cannot inflence. For orders outside of the US, we offer a flat shipping rate, regardless of how much the actual shipping costs us.

All our personalized bracelets, necklaces and rings are handmade in the EU by a lovely artisan from Estonia.

If you want to support slow fashion, please follow our instagram @studio_cosmica, share this page with your friends and family and feel free to contact us with your feedback and ideas info@studiocosmica.com

If you are an artisan or have a small business selling sustainable jewelry, candles or gifts, do contact us at info@studiocosmica.com

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