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What Is Ethical Jewellery And Why You Should You Care

Sustainability is one of these words that you hear thrown around all the time but can't REALLY explain.

There is sustainable fashion, sustainable development, sustainable candles, sustainable supply chain. But what does it mean?





Sustainably produced products are, in one way or another, produced with higher ethical standards. For instance, in the case of jewellery, it means the artisans creating your jewellery piece receive fair payment, health insurance, work in safe conditions and have the right to create a worker's union.

Sustainable products create little or no damage to the environment - that includes the people who produced them. You could argue that sustainable products and ethically produced products are the same. That's not necessarily true.

 Soy candles

What's the difference between ethical and sustainable jewellery? 


Sustainability is quite a broad term, and focuses on the future. Usually, the product produced sustainably, uses the least amount of natural resources and causes the least pollution and environmental impact. It may, but doesn't have to, mean offering fair remuneration to the people who produce the product.

Sustainability has entered the dictionary of big corporations, especially the supply chain, since industrial production and transportation have had a tremendous impact on the environment and global warming.

Our soy candles made with recycled glass are an example of a sustainable product, that is also ethically produced (not all ethically produced products are sustainable).

Ethical jewellery

Ethical jewellery is jewellery produces by the people whose working conditions are good, who can make your jewellery in a safe environment, are entitled to holidays and receive fair pay. 


Ethical jewellery


The ethical trade movement focuses on the worker, artisan, jewellery maker, anyone in the supply chain that will handle the end product. This is why it's important to care where your earrings, necklaces and bracelets come from. Many gemstones used in jewellery design come from unethical sources, using children labour and even risking workers' lives. As consumers, we should do all we can to research the story behind the item we buy.

At Studio Cosmica we strive to only work with suppliers that are both ethical and sustainable. This is why our prices are higher than you might see in fast fashion shops on high street.

We believe that buying a piece you know was produced in good conditions by people treated with respect and with respect for the environment we live in, is worth the money.

It is a broad term that is not certified or precisely defined, but it’s still quite useful for describing in general the type of products you want to buy.


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