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Motivational Quotes To Live By (And Engrave On Your Bracelet!)

There are certain quotes that can help you remember your values, your goals and your worth. Wear them close to you and when you're feeling anxious or not so self-confident, take a quick look at the quote that empowers you and makes you stronger.

All I need is within me inspirational quote

You can engrave any of these quotes (or come up with your own!) on our bracelets, or download one of the wallpapers on this page and set it as your phone background.

Be your own light inspirational quote

Your anxiety is lying to you inspirational quote

Be kind inspirational quote

just breathe inspirational quote

Find beauty in imperfection body positive quote

Never ever give up inspirational quote

Believe in yourself inspirational quote

You are stronger than you believe inspirational quote


Here is what our favorite quotes look like engraved:

Custom engraved motivational quote


Your anxiety is lying to you engraved bracelet

Which quote is your favorite and why?

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